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About Us


Self care can take many forms. Massage is a great way to build resilience and heal from the tension caused by the stress of life.


Whether you are dealing with a sports injury, TMJ pain, or general wear and tear, I work with each individual to customize the appropriate bodywork plan. Every treatment is personalized, utilizing various techniques and modalities to approach your needs. I believe there should be a tailored balance of relaxation and therapy in each session guided by the client. Having practiced for nearly 20 years, I combine deep tissue massage, myofascial release, TMJ massage, cupping, and stretching techniques to achieve a meaningful and effective massage therapy experience.


Missy Meyers Massage is an inclusive space that strives to be welcoming and safe for all people.

Regardless of race, age, gender, sexual orientation, or size... Everyone needs a great massage.




Therapeutic massage is a custom blend of techniques including deep tissue, myofacial, stretching and cupping. Every treatment is based on each individual's needs. 



60 minute-95$

75 minute-110$

90 minute-125$


TMJ (temporomadibular joint disorder) concentrates on the shoulders, neck, head and jaw. Ending the session with intra oral work on the deeper muscles inside the mouth. By using a combination of  techniques, TMJ massage should help ease facial and jaw tension.



60 minute-95$

75 minute-110$

90 minute-125$


Cupping therapy is a treatment  in which cups placed on the skin create inverse energy. Using a manual pump on the cup, it creates a suction which brings blood to the target area. The increased blood flow helps to encourage the natural healing process. Due to the cups breaking tiny blood vessels under the skin, it may leave a bruise-like mark for 1-2 weeks.




45 minute-80$

60 minute-95$

Not accepting new clients at this time.

Packages and gift certificates available for regulars only




Cancellation policy: 

If you must cancel your appointment, please do so within 24 hours.

Clients who cancel within 24 hours are responsible for the full cost of the service booked.

If there is an emergency please contact me by phone or email. 


No Show:  

By booking you authorize this business to charge your credit card a no-show fee of the full cost of your appointment should you                           miss your visit without proper notification.

Late arrivals: 

Your session will be shortened if you arrive late. Please allow yourself extra time for parking.

New Clients:

Please arrive 10-15 minutes early to fill out health intake form. 




2424 East York St. suite 301-E

Philadelphia, PA 19125



While the 2424 building is a beautiful space there are a lot of stairs and no public elevator. However, there is a private elevator that I can operate if you have any mobility restrictions. Please do not hesitate to let me know when you book your appointment.

To enter the 2424 building: Find my name in the directory, I am on the 3rd floor in space 301-E. I'll buzz you in.

If you need help navigating the building, I can meet you in the lobby.


Here are directions to the space: Turn R when you walk in and follow the sign to the stairs. Walk up to the 3rd floor, turn right past the bathrooms. Make another right and walk down the hallway and follow signs for 301-E.

Here is a map of the 3rd floor

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